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Transcript: PAIS and GSD - Hollie

Hello, I’m Hollie and I study Politics, International Studies (PAIS) and GSD. Something I really like about studying a joint degree is that while you study two different disciplines, the knowledge you gain in one you can use as critical thinking in the other.

While I study PAIS and GSD, I really like that in seminars and group projects you’re working with people with different perspectives because they’re studying different disciplines such as Business, Psychology, Economics, and Theatre Studies.

I really like the freedom of assignments for GSD, so whatever module you do, you can choose on a specific issue or topic you’re passionate about in relation to that module. I’m personally interested in the idea of waste and growing global consumption and reducing reliance on single-use items, so I focus on this on a lot of my assignments.

The advice I’d give to PAIS and GSD students is to make the most of your time at university. It’s not just about getting a degree – there are so many opportunities around it and you can actively use your skills and knowledge from your degree on projects. Whether that be campaigning on social and environmental issues, or getting involved with societies like Warwick SEED, Warwick GSD, GLOBUS, and Warwick Cup.

A final piece of advice I would give is to understand that there’s not one pathway when you’re going through university and beyond. You don’t have to do spring weeks, formal internships and graduate schemes if that’s not what you’re passionate about. If you see organisations you want to work with but they’re not offering any jobs, there’s no harm in getting in contact with them and showing how passionate you are about what they do. You can also create your own projects and your own ideas, and that is experience in itself.