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Transcript: Angelo's Video

My name is Angelo Balagtas, I'm in my final year studying Theatre and Performance Studies and Global Sustainable Development (GSD).

Why did you choose Warwick and why Theatre and Performance Studies and GSD?

I chose Warwick at that time because it was number one in the country, quite honestly, and when I realised that it offered Theatre and GSD, it was a very interesting combination. I thought I'd take it as a challenge to be able to find a link between both of them or be able to find a way that I could integrate these two differing fields of study to something that would be useful to society and the community at large.

Why Arts at Warwick?

I chose to study in the Arts because I feel like it would have been a space where I could open up my mind to different conversations and different perspectives, and really learn more about other cultures and what we can learn from them in order to be able to solve global issues.

Especially as someone who was born in the Philippines and came to Singapore when I was thirteen, living there before I moved here to Warwick, I think the way the two different countries that I come from that I would consider my home, allows me an opportunity to see things in a specific perspective. I think especially since I was born in the Philippines, I grew up there in many of my formative years and continued into Singapore.

I would describe my journey here as a continuing of a change in an environment. Singapore is multicultural too, but in many ways it's of a different mix than it is here, a different set of beliefs, a different set of traditions, and on top of that a different sense of people, I think.

What do you find really interesting about your course?

Honestly, I think the fact that I was allowed to do two dissertations this year: a Performance Research Project for Theatre and a dissertation essay for GSD. I feel like they're a culmination of everything I've learnt in Warwick, especially as a finalist - we're trying to find out footing in the world and where we belong and what we can offer. I think these two modules have been really stressful, quite honestly, but fulfilling I think (especially at the end) because it's something that I chose personally and it's on a topic that I have chosen aswell.

What do you find inspiring about Arts at Warwick?

I think something that inspires me about the Arts here is that it's willing to change and to evolve. I think a lot of people here are fighting for good causes and to uplift voices that have been removed from the conversation, especially with regards to a lot of racial conversations or conversations about gender, or sexuality, equality. A lot of people are willing to talk about these things and I feel like it's good because - and I don't think anyone is there yet, but Warwick is moving into a good direction. I think it's stepping into itself with regards to that and I think the Arts is integral to that move for Warwick.