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Transcript: Offer Holder Open Days

My name’s Luke Netherclift and I study Global Sustainable Development (or GSD) and Business Studies.

Why did you attend an Offer Holder Open Day?

I attended an Offer Holder Open Day at Warwick because I came to the Open Day and I really loved the department and the extra-curricular activities that were available at the University. However, I think that when you go to any Open Day at a university, it’s quite a show, whereas I believe that going to the Offer Holder Open Day really gives you a perspective on what everyday life at Warwick is like. People can say that they love their university, they’re really passionate about it, and love life there, but an Offer Holder Open Day really gives you the chance to see what life is actually like, and you can see people going about their everyday schedule. Going to the Offer Holder Open Day at Warwick really showed me that everything about the Open Day was true: this is such a great University, there are so many wider opportunities to really pursue whatever passions that you have. I believe that going to the Offer Holder Open Day really gave me a new perspective on why Warwick is so great.

Who did you encounter which made your experience positive?

I think what was different about the Offer Holder Open Day to the Open Day was the engagement that I had with current students. I spoke to a lot of first, second, and third year students who were studying my course and this really gave me a perspective on what life is really like for these students. It taught me about the modules and the exams and what they are really like. I also engaged with the tutors and the module leaders, and that really showed me what the course is all about.

What was your favourite part of the day?

My favourite part of the day was going around campus, seeing how great it was, and talking to my tour guide who was also on my course. During this tour I saw the great facilities Warwick has, I learnt about the different societies it offered, and I also learnt about how great this course was. What I love about my course and what I really engaged with on this tour with my tour guide was, it really gave you the opportunity to spend time with people that are really passionate about the same thing as you. Something that I’ve found at university is that everyone is passionate about a certain course – so for me, we’re all very passionate about sustainability and helping create a better world – and so to spend time with people that are similar to you, but they’ve all got new perspectives on life, is very important and something that I thoroughly enjoyed.

What were your expectations? Did the Offer Holder Open Day meet these?

The day itself really exceeded my expectations and the fact that I really learnt about what life at Warwick is like and what a great University it is, I say shows how whatever I did expect, I loved the University and the Offer Holder Open Day really showed me that.