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IP303 A Sustainable Serenissima: Water, Fire and the Future of Venice

Module leader: Dr Bryan Brazeau
  • Optional module
  • 15 CATS
  • Term 2
  • 10 weeks
  • This interdisciplinary module is open to students from all faculties. We encourage you to contact the module convenor with any queries.

Important information

This module will not be running in the academic year 2021-22.

Principal Aims

This module examines the ways in which contemporary Venice confronts sustainability challenges and develops resilience. We will consider past, present, and future threats to a sustainable Venice, along with complex and unique local solutions using the three main pillars of sustainability (social, environmental, and economic areas) as lenses to focus our interdisciplinary discussions. The themes of ‘water’ and ‘fire’ will serve as conceptual anchors to ground our consideration of issues such as rising sea levels, urbanization, resource management, energy production and distribution, along with historical Venetian industries such as publishing, shipbuilding, munitions, glassmaking, finance, and tourism. We will also consider Venice’s long tradition of hospitality as a sanctuary city, and the challenges Venice faces when welcoming migrants and refugees today.

  Please note: Module availability and staffing may change year on year depending on availability and other operational factors. The School for Cross-faculty Studies makes no guarantee that any modules will be offered in a particular year, or that they will necessarily be taught by the staff listed on these pages.