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Liberal Arts modules for external students

Liberal Arts students in a workshop, discussing with each other

Welcome to the Liberal Arts Department!

We're really happy to welcome students from across the University into our modules. Our style might be a little different from what you're used to: our classes are all problem-based and student-led. No lectures here! You'll have a lot of responsibility, but you'll also have a lot of freedom to explore, discuss, and learn in a unique way. All our modules are transdisciplinary, meaning they draw on a range of disciplinary and professional perspectives. Our assessments vary a lot too, but they're all designed to support a range of learning opportunities and skills development.

We're continually updating our modules to reflect the latest research and expertise within our Department. Please note, our module web pages listed below currently reflect content for the 2023-24 academic year. For more information on a particular module, please contact the module convenor.
For more information on the modules we offer in Venice as part of the WIISP programme, please click here: WIISP ModulesLink opens in a new window.
Module choice form

If you would like to take one of our modules, please complete our Liberal Arts Module Choice Form.

Optional modules available for both Liberal Arts and external students

Honours-level optional modules

These optional modules are available for students outside of the Liberal Arts Department in their second or final year (except where indicated otherwise).