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IP103 Art and Revolution Reading List

This reading list constitutes both required and recommended reading. Most of these items will be discussed in class, but some provide opportunities for further exploration. Some items are held in the University of Warwick Library, some are available for free online, and some you may prefer to purchase. We also have a limited collection of books in the department; you are welcome to make scans of these or read them in the common room, but please ask at Reception if you would like to borrow them.

Note: this list is indicative, since there may be items that crop up in the course of classroom discussions. When conducting your own research, you may wish to use these items as a starting point, but do not restrict yourself to just these texts. Items in bold are those you may particularly wish to consider buying.

  1. Arendt, H. (1970) On violence. New York: Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich.
  2. Arendt, H. (2016) On Revolution. Main - Faber Modern Classics. London: Faber & Faber.
  3. Axworthy, M. (2014) Revolutionary Iran: a history of the Islamic Republic. Newly Published Works. London: Penguin Books.
  4. Chesshyre, T. (2013) A tourist in the Arab Spring. Chalfont St. Peter: Bradt Travel Guides.
  5. Connelly, O. and Hembree, F. (1993) The French Revolution. Wheeling IL: Harlan Davidson Inc.
  6. Crump, T. (2010) A brief history of how the industrial revolution changed the world. London: Robinson.
  7. Dabashi, H. (2013) In search of lost causes: fragmented allegories of an Iranian revolution. Asheville, NC: Black Mountain Press.
  8. Darnton, R. (1997) The Forbidden Bestsellers of Pre-revolutionary France. New edition. London: HarperCollins Publishers.
  9. Doyle, W. (2014) The Oxford History of the French Revolution. 2nd edn. Oxford University Press, USA.
  10. Gröndahl, M. (2012) Revolution graffiti: street art of the new Egypt. Cairo: American University in Cairo Press.
  11. Hamdy, B. and Stone (2014) Walls of freedom : street art of the Egyptian revolution. First edition. Berlin, Germany: From Here To Fame Publishing.
  12. Hanson, P. R. (2010) Contesting the French Revolution. 1st edition. John Wiley and Sons Ltd.
  13. Harney, D. (1999) The priest and the king: an eyewitness account of the Iranian revolution. Pbk. ed. London: I.B. Taurus Publishers.
  14. Hibbert, C. (1982) The French Revolution. Harmondsworth: Penguin.
  15. Highway, T. (2008) Kiss of the fur queen. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press.
  16. Hobsbawm, E. J. (1977) The age of revolution: Europe, 1789-1848. London: Abacus.
  17. Howard, P. N. and Hussain, M. M. (2012) Democracy’s fourth wave? Digital media and the Arab Spring. New York:Oxford University Press. Available at:
  18. Hussein, K. A. (2011) The Tunisian awakening. First edition. [United States]: K.A. Hussein.
  19. Lefebvre, G., Palmer, R. R. and Tackett, T. (2015) The Coming of the French Revolution. New Jersey: Princeton University Press.
  20. Makdisi, U. S. and Silverstein, P. A. (no date) Memory and violence in the Middle East and North Africa. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.
  21. Marx, K. and McLellan, D. (2000) Karl Marx: Selected Writings. 2nd Revised edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  22. Miller, M. A. (2000) The Russian Revolution: The Essential Readings. Oxford: John Wiley and Sons Ltd.
  23. Milner, J. (2000) Art, war and revolution in France, 1870-1871. New Haven: Yale University Press.
  24. Paronnaud, V. (no date) ‘Persepolis.’ Optimum Releasing. Available at:
  25. Rousseau, J.-J., Matravers, D. and Griffith, T. (1998) The Social Contract. New edition. Herts: Wordsworth Editions Ltd.
  26. Satrapi, M. (2008) Persepolis. London: Vintage.
  27. Shukman, H. (1993) The Blackwell Encyclopedia of the Russian Revolution. Oxford: John Wiley and Sons Ltd.
  28. Trotsky, L. (1992) Art and revolution: writings on literature, politics and culture. 4th print. (new title). New York: Pathfinder.
  29. Wagner, R. (2010) Art and Revolution. Kessinger Publishing.
  30. Weber, M. (1997) The Russian Revolutions. Oxford: Polity Press.