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Liberal Arts students in a workshop

Welcome to Liberal Arts at Warwick

Dr Kirsten Harris
Dr Kirsten Harris

Director of Undergraduate Studies for Liberal Arts

Congratulations on your exam results and for meeting the conditions of your offer. I'm Kirsten, the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Liberal Arts. I've been the one overseeing the admissions process for Liberal Arts. I was really excited by the wonderful applications we received this year from students all over the world. Your interests and experiences range across the full spectrum, and we’re really excited about welcoming you here.

Liberal Arts at Warwick is about bringing our individual strengths and interests together to create unique interventions in a complex world. With each year, it becomes more apparent that the diversity of our community is its key strength. We can’t wait to see what new developments this year will bring as we reconvene and move into new areas of inquiry.

You'll start to get a lot of information from us over the coming weeks about how to enrol, guidance on starting to think about module choices, and advice. Please keep an eye on your inboxes, and do get in touch with any questions.

Below you will find a number of links and resources that you may find helpful. There's a link to the Student Handbook (accessible to registered students), which provides detailed guidance on your programme. You’ll also find information about modules and your course structure. We've provided links to information about student support and welfare; we take your health and wellbeing (including mental health) very seriously. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with myself, our administrative team, or our Student-Staff Liaison Committee members."

Find out more about what's ahead

Keep an eye on the Welcome to Warwick website.

Read the University's Welcome FAQs.

Meet our staff to start getting to know the department.

Look at our Year 1 modules to get a feel for the reading lists.

Take a look through our 2021/22 Student Handbook (link coming soon).

 See what Pastoral Care (link coming soon) and Wellbeing Support is available.

Get an idea of the sports clubs and societies on offer.

Recommended reading

Each year we select a text for students to read before the degree starts, for discussion in Welcome Week and other sessions in Term 1. This year’s text is: Tzvetan Todorov, Frail Happiness: An Essay on Rousseau (1997). It doesn’t matter which edition you use. John T. Scott and Robert D. Zaretsky’s translation is easy to find and accessible (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2001). Students who read French may wish to read the original: Frêle Bonheur: Essai sur Rousseau (Hachette: 1985).

While you are expected to complete the reading by Thursday 30 September 2021, you are not required to purchase the text unless you want to. The text may be available in your local library or it can be found in the University Library (i.e. you could wait until you arrive at Warwick to read it). You may be able to find and/or purchase versions of it online. often has reasonably priced used copies, though check where the text will be shipped from to make sure it arrives on time.

You are not expected to have any prior knowledge of Todorov or Rousseau, and we encourage you to approach the text lightly. You are likely to encounter vocabulary, ideas and writing styles that are unfamiliar. If you find aspects of the text difficult, make a note of them and move on. We will discuss the challenges of this text as well as the content in Welcome Week.

You may also wish to consult the reading lists for your core Liberal Arts modules at Please be aware that many of these lists include optional/additional readings. **Please hold off from purchasing any books (unless you are very interested in one) until you begin attending your modules; almost all your reading will be available via the Library.

Advice from Liberal Arts graduate, Lily Rose

"One of the core things in any interdisciplinary practice is that you can’t know everything about every subject. It's about what you do with the content, not about how much content you know. You’ll very rarely in Liberal Arts be asked to memorise things because it’s much more about how you’re able to work with the information that you are given."

Stepping up from school to university

Our Director of Student Experience in Liberal Arts is here to work with you and to work for you in your first year. We recognise that you will be making a big change in your life as you become part of our exciting community of students and academics. We have several structured systems, processes, and spaces in place to provide you with that all-important extra support as you make the transition to life at university. This includes having your own personal tutor to meet with regularly.

Your personal tutor

You will be assigned a personal tutor in the Liberal Arts Department who will look after you right from your first few weeks at Warwick. Your personal tutor will be available to discuss your personal and academic development, as well as your future career plans. Should you encounter any issues that need further advice and guidance, your personal tutor will also be able to signpost and refer you to Warwick’s professional support services.

Please see our 2021/22 Student Handbook (link coming soon) for more information about the role of your personal tutor.

Welcome from the Liberal Arts Society

"Hi everyone...Lucie, Yasmin and Prish here! We are the current exec of the Warwick Liberal Arts Society. We are a chilled society made up of the Liberal Arts community! This year we will be running regular socials including nights out in Leamington, a day trip to Oxford and meet-ups on campus. In addition to this, we’ll be running our popular study skills sessions which provide a safe space for you to ask fellow Liberal Artists for advice. Make sure to follow us on instagram @warwickliberalartssoc for info about events, group chats and advice for incoming freshers!"

Get in touch

If you have any queries ahead of the start of term, please get in touch: E:

Keep up to date with us on Facebook: @WarwickLibArts

Follow us on Twitter: @WarwickLibArts

Follow the Liberal Arts Society on Instagram: @warwickliberalartssoc