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IP302 Dissertation

Module leader: Dr William Rupp
  • Core module | 30 CATS
  • Terms 1-3 | 22 weeks
  • Five lecture hours | 12 supervisions
  • Not available to students outside the School for Cross-faculty Studies

Moodle Platform

This module requires you to demonstrate your acquisition of a range of intellectual and practical skills for engaging with a topical issue that you have identified in the course of your studies. The module requires you to bring together the approaches to critical thinking and research that you learned on the Liberal Arts course and to apply them to a problem you have identified from your chosen Disciplinary Interest or Specialist Interest. The main aim of the module is to allow you to demonstrate your ability to think across disciplines and produce an original piece of research.

Furthermore, the module requires you to present the findings of your project in a public forum and to adapt your presentation to suit the particular audience.

  Please note: Module availability and staffing may change year on year depending on availability and other operational factors. The School for Cross-faculty Studies makes no guarantee that any modules will be offered in a particular year, or that they will necessarily be taught by the staff listed on these pages.