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BLASTER: Transdisciplinarity

Transdiciplinarity and Pedagogy: Theory Building

Join Dr Nick Monk (IATL Director) and Phil Gaydon (IATL Teacher) as they discuss their experiences of using the theory building methodology in their inter- and transdisciplinary teaching. The video can be watched in one continuous session (about 20 minutes), or you can watch one of the sections at a time:

  • How do the concepts of theory building, and more broadly, trans- and interdisciplinarity, relate to the Liberal Arts? (jump to 00:31, about 10 minutes long)
  • How do you go about creating a theory build, and when do you use it? (jump to 09:46, about 10 minutes long)

This video complements the Transdisciplinarity chapter of the BLASTER Teacher Training Kit.(PDF Document)