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ICUR 2020: Call for abstracts now open

Applications for the International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR) 2020 are now open!

ICUR is a great opportunity for you to present your research to a global audience. Sponsored by the Monash-Warwick Alliance, the conference will take place from 29-30 September 2020 in the Oculus Building on campus, and simultaneously at Monash University campuses in Melbourne and Malaysia, as well as at other institutions around the world.

Last year, a number of students from the Liberal Arts Department took part in the two day conference, presenting their work to their own peers at Warwick and to those from the international partner institutions too. Anaël Daoud, one of our final year students presented her research on the subject of 'Hijab and laïcité in Contemporary France: The Body of the French Muslim Woman, a Site of Contestation Colonised by Femonationalism'. We asked Anaël about her advice for students thinking about getting involved in ICUR this year.

“Go for it! You have nothing to lose, not even your pride or your credibility. On the contrary, you will find yourself more confident and secure, more legitimate. I know that we all have this imposter syndrome going on, but people are not there to judge you. They all come from such different fields that there is no room left for doubting yourself, or your research.”

Anaël Daoud, Liberal Arts studentGeorgia Evans, Liberal Arts student

Ceara Webster, Liberal Arts studentCeara Webster, Liberal Arts student

Top left: Anaël Daoud at ICUR 2019

Top right: Georgia Evans, second year Liberal Arts student at ICUR 2019

Bottom: Ceara Webster, final year Liberal Arts student at ICUR 2019

You can find out more about what our students got up to at ICUR 2019 here.

The deadline for abstract submissions is Sunday 31 May 2020. You can submit your abstract here.

A message from ICUR on COVID-19

“ICUR is a conference that includes participants from institutions all over the world, all of whom will be impacted in many ways by the current COVID-19 pandemic. We extend our hope that you are all keeping safe and well in these unprecedented times.

The call for abstracts for ICUR 2020 opened on March 3rd and we invite students to submit abstracts in the same way they have in the past. We are in the process of developing ICUR contingency planning information. However, our key message is that we are definitely still planning to have ICUR go ahead as scheduled this year. We’d like to complete all the initial elements of abstract submission and scheduling as close to the usual routine as possible. As ICUR is a virtual conference at its essence, we are confident that we can deliver the conference in September (in its current format or in an extended digital format) and so we encourage students and participating institutions to follow the call for abstracts as they would normally.

We reiterate our hope that our ICUR community are safe and well. We hope you will join us for ICUR this year and look forward to connecting with you all again soon.”