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Entry Requirements

For the BA (Hons) Liberal Arts, you will not choose a pathway until the end of Year One. We do not require specific A-levels for individual pathways.

A level: AAA plus B in GCSE English and B in Mathematics at GCSE

IB: 38 points

Subject requirements: none.

We welcome international applicants and can accept a wide range of qualifications. If you are unsure about equivalencies, please contact the undergraduate admissions office.

The Application Process

When you apply through UCAS, you should write your UCAS personal statement NOT for Liberal Arts at Warwick; our distinctive course is not mirrored at other institutions and thus details about our course in your statement may not be applicable to all your university choices. Once we have received your application through UCAS, we will check your predicted/achieved marks. Provided they fall within one A-level grade (or the equivalent) and you meet our other admissions criteria, you will receive an email from our department ( to request a SECOND personal statement. Details of what the second statement should cover and how to submit it are provided in the email request. Applicants have two weeks to submit their second statement.

The second statement provides our Admissions Tutors with more information about an applicant and why they are interested in our course. It is read alongside the initial statement to give a full picture of the individual and enable a sure assessment of the applicant's suitability for the course.

The Decision-Making Process

When our Admissions Tutors read your application, they will assess your second personal statement for your responses to our prompts, as well as features of your writing. This is your opportunity to detail why Liberal Arts at Warwick is right for you. The first statement will be read only to further assess the quality of your writing, and you will not be penalized for discussing content relevant to other courses. The Admissions Tutors will assess your statements alongside your references, predicted marks, and other application information. While some candidates may receive a response quickly, others may be held to ensure equal consideration across the applicant pool; if you have not had a quick response, please be aware that this is not a comment on the quality of your application.