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Students walking around campus

We strongly encourage potential applicants to contact us to find out more about Liberal Arts at Warwick from our tutors and students. This will help you to decide whether our programme is the right one for you.

Open Days

Register your interest to be the first to know when our next Open Day events are confirmed.

Our June Virtual Open Day is over but don't worry if you couldn't make it. You can catch up on our Liberal Arts sessions by watching our on-demand content:

Liberal Arts: Q&A Session

Hear from staff and students about studying Liberal Arts at Warwick.

Liberal Arts: Roundtable Discussion on Artificial Intelligence

Get a feel for the teaching and learning in the Liberal Arts Department at Warwick.

You can find out more about Warwick's Open Days here. If you have any questions for us about Open Days, please get in touch: LiberalArts at warwick dot ac dot uk.

"My greatest piece of advice would be to visit each uni with an open mind. It’s good to have done research about many aspects of each uni before you visit it, but there’s little point going to an open day somewhere that you’ve already decided isn’t suitable for you. At the same time, use it as an opportunity to ask questions about things that are not made fully clear online or in the prospectus. I think I went to 11 open days in the end… I admit I went way overboard! But the nature of the degree I wanted to do meant that I felt I had to do as much researching about the different universities offering it as possible."

Adrian | Liberal Arts alumnus

Hear more from Adrian

Offer Holder Open Days

If you apply to study Liberal Arts at Warwick and are subsequently made an offer, you may be invited to an Offer Holder Open Day. Offer Holder Open Days are designed to help you get to know our Department and give you a taste of life as a Warwick student. Booking is by email invitation only.

You can view our session recordings from our 2021 Offer Holder Open Days on our Offer Holders page.

Find out more about Offer Holder Open Days.

"I would highly recommend that you attend the Offer Holder Open Days. Obviously this is super important because you get even more of a feel for the course and you also possibly get to meet your course mates which is really nice, so when you start you’re not thrown in at the deep end, you already know some people which is always good."

Olamide | Liberal Arts student

Hear more from Olamide

Live chats

We're hosting online live chats where you can speak to our Director of Student Experience and current Liberal Arts students. This is your chance to ask any questions about Liberal Arts at Warwick. Find out more and register for one of our upcoming live chats.

If you have received an offer from us, you will be invited to our monthly Liberal Arts offer holder live chats via email.

Visits to campus

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we cannot offer physical visits to campus at the moment. However, we're very happy to have a chat with you virtually - please email us to arrange a call: LiberalArts at warwick dot ac dot uk. You can also check out the University's 360° virtual tour. 

Dr Gavin Schwartz-Leeper teaching a group of Liberal Arts students

Talk to our Director of Student Experience

Dr Gavin Schwartz-Leeper

Email: g dot e dot schwartz-leeper at warwick dot ac dot uk
Twitter: @gavinsl
Skype: gavinsl

Student ambassador showing prospective students around campus

Meet our student ambassadors

Our Liberal Arts student ambassadors are enthusiastic and dedicated individuals with a passionate interest in engaging prospective students with the principles of Liberal Education.

Meet our 2020/21 team.