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Specialist Interest Pathways

 Please note, the information on this page reflects our pathways offering for 2022 entry only.

You may choose to follow a Specialist Interest pathway, selecting your optional modules from across the University.

Your Specialist Interest pathway will be open to your interpretation, and determined by your interests and goals.

For example, your Specialist Interest may be 'Culture and Identity'. You will study this theme from your own perspective, choosing modules in arts, social sciences, or other disciplines.

Examples of Specialist Interest pathways designed by our students include:

  • Apocalyptic Studies
  • Business Ethics
  • Communications
  • Critical Sports Studies
  • Culture and Identity
  • Health and Human Society
  • Social Justice
  • Sustainability
  • Visual Cultures

The pathway titles listed above were designed by individual students in collaboration with our tutors. You are free to pursue your interests, whatever they might be. If one of the above pathway titles does not reflect your passions and goals, we will help you design one that meets your needs.

"There is a focus on making sure you know exactly what pathway is right for you"

“A lot of Liberal Arts courses tend to leave students on their own to decide what pathway they want to go down, but with Warwick there’s a focus on making sure you know exactly what pathway is right for you.”

Sara | Liberal Arts graduate

Explore some example Specialist Interest pathways:

Please see our FAQs page for questions and answers about pathways.