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Liberal Arts Partnerships

Students walking in front of one of Amsterdam University College's buildings

With unique partners in Europe and Canada, our study abroad programme allows you to make the most of both of these approaches to liberal arts.

Liberal education straddles a traditional approach to interdisciplinary thinking with a new wave of how arts and natural sciences can intersect. While American Liberal Arts courses tend to focus on 'great books' and more traditional approaches to Liberal Arts, we're witnessing a new wave of liberal education in Europe. American courses are traditionally delivered at small residential colleges, where students focus on individual critical interpretations of major texts and on personal development. In comparison, the European approach is typified by critical approaches to skills development and often features a more structured programme.

The particular approach and ethos of the teaching and learning environments at our partners will allow you to build on the toolkit which you'll have started putting together during your first and second years at Warwick. By taking a year abroad with another Liberal Arts programme, you’ll be able to put your education into context and learn about how Liberal Arts at Warwick works on the global stage.

University building - Leuphana

Leuphana University

Lüneburg, Germany

"Following Anglo-American traditions, Leuphana College stands for an idea of education that aims at fostering personal development, practical ability, and social responsibility. Leuphana University of Lüneburg implements this approach in its unified Bachelor degree programmes under the roof of the College.

Bachelor degree programmes at Leuphana College encourage students of all disciplines to develop an open and inquisitive mind that questions assumptions and looks for solutions beyond the boundaries of academic discourse."

Image credit: Gerrit Gutzeit - Self-photographed, CC BY-SA 4.0

University building - University College Freiburg

University College Freiburg

Freiburg, Germany

"Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) is a specific approach to Bachelor level education and an alternative to disciplinary study. We understand LAS education as a process of intellectual discovery and personal development in an interdisciplinary and international learning community:

The LAS program at UCF enables students to learn broadly about the human and the non-human world, to systematically develop their capacity for high-level academic work in exchange with others, and to gradually unfold their own interests and abilities in ways suited to their aspirations. We encourage students to critically reflect on science and knowledge and to become skilled communicators and creative shapers of their environment."

University building - Jacobs University

Jacobs University

Bremen, Germany

"Jacobs University offers a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary study programs ranging from the natural sciences, mathematics and engineering to the social sciences and economics. Class sizes are small and for each student a professor acts as a personal mentor and academic advisor. Students are actively involved in research from their first year of study."

University building - Leiden

Leiden University College

The Hague, The Netherlands

"Leiden University College The Hague offers an English-language honours undergraduate programme in Liberal Arts and Sciences in an international setting. LUC's focus on Global Challenges sets us apart from other programmes and colleges with a thematic approach to the majors.

In keeping with the Liberal Arts and Sciences ethos, our students have a high degree of freedom to construct their own programmes."

University building - Concordia University

Concordia University

Montreal, Canada

"The Liberal Arts College teaches you to think critically, enhance your communication skills, and become a more resourceful, innovative and self-confident person.

You’ll join a small community of scholars to study great works in carefully constructed seminars. We aim to foster an intimate intellectual community by providing a rich student experience with activities, projects, and trips."

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