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Transcript: What can you do with Liberal Arts?

Paula (Liberal Arts student): “Liberal Arts is a Problem-Based Learning course so we take a lot of relevant issues that are in the news or relevant today and that means that we can apply our different learnings from the different courses that we each individually take. I take Global Sustainable Development courses, other friends take philosophy, film, and then together we can bring those into our discussions and bring different perspectives in.”

Dr Gavin Schwartz-Leeper: “Our students go on to a whole range of different options, I mean from our students’ perspective, the course is built around what they specifically want to do, so it makes sense that our students then go on to do whatever it is they are specifically interested in.”

Paula: “We have a strong focus on research and being critical of what we read and I think my research skills have developed a lot throughout the first year, even the first semester.”

Dr Gavin Schwartz-Leeper: “Most of our students see themselves as leaders. We train them to be the focal point of classrooms, so quite a few of our students are interested in management and leadership courses. We have a student who is going on to do a traineeship in the law to become a solicitor. We have a student who is going on to become a Sustainability Advocate at a large corporation. We have another student who is going on to do a Humanitarian Engineering course here at the University of Warwick.

Freddie (Liberal Arts student): “The capacity to understand the kind of problems that exist and use those to help elsewhere, so that helps with the working world, so things like consultancy which I’m likely to go into. That’s the exact kind of problem-based system which has really helped but is also really useful for the Master’s courses that I’m currently considering. So it’s those kinds of things, it’s Problem-Based Learning that I really appreciate from Liberal Arts.”