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Speaker Suggestion Form

Travel Costs
Travel Costs

I confirm that I understand and agree to abide by the School's guidelines around hospitality and speaker fees. I will discuss any other arrangements that may have a financial impact, prior to agreeing them with the speaker. By submitting this form, I signal my agreement with this statement.
Privacy statement
This form is NOT anonymous. The information you provide herein will be submitted to members of the Research Seminar Steering Group and to members of the School's Administration. Some data may be shared with the Finance Department if the proposal contains requests for an atypical spend. The information will be retained for the academic year 2019-2020, until the conclusion of the seminar series and the reconciliation of the School Finance Budget.
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Please read the Guidelines before completing this form


The Form is received by the Research Seminar Steering Group: A decision is made either to proceed to the Office, or to return to the proposer for additional information.

The Steering Group allocates a slot within the academic Calendar.


The Office Calculates the costs. If the Costs are within the agreed guidelines, the Proposal is approved; otherwise it is forwarded to the HoS for further scrutiny


The proposer is notified of an outcome.

Schedule for 2019-20

6 September 2019 - deadline for completing proposal form

20 September 2019 - seminar schedule for Term 1 published

25 November 2019 - deadline for completing proposal form

2 December 2019 - seminar schedule for Term 2 published

21 February 2020 - deadline for completing proposal form

2 March 2020 - seminar schedule for Term 3 published

Seminars in terms 1 and 2 will take place in room R1.03 starting at 4pm

Research Seminar Steering Group

The members of the Group are:

Dr Marco Haenssgen

Dr Kirsten Harris

Dr Godwin Yeboah