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FAB Teaching and Learning Spaces Wiki


This wiki will document key information about teaching spaces in the Faculty of Arts Building, from a teacher's perspective. Each page contains at least one photograph of the space, key information (number of seats, table types, IT and AV equipment), as well as notes on issues and suggestions for teaching.

There are several different types of furniture, seating, and table arrangements in the FAB. The different designs have different impacts on teaching and learning. This page describes and analyses the variations.

Teaching rooms are equipped with a range of tools and technologies. There are some variations between spaces. Find out about the range of equipment here.


Name Description Last Updated Keywords
FAB 1.05 First floor teaching room with 6 rectangular tables, seating 16. 30/11/21 large committee style
FAB 1.06 First floor teaching room. A long coventional classroom layout with 4 rows of desks, and 16 chairs. 30/11/21 long thin rows
FAB 1.09 30/11/21 long boardroom style
FAB 1.10 30/11/21 10 seat large rectangle
FAB 1.11 30/11/21 10 seat large rectangle
FAB 1.12 30/11/21 big committee style
FAB 1.13 30/11/21 long thin rows
FAB 1.14 First floor teaching room with 20 seats around 4 round tables. 30/11/21 round cabaret style
FAB 1.15 First floor teaching room with 2 clusters of 4 rectangular tables, seating 20 students. Narrower, and with less space for circulation. 30/11/21 10 seat large rectangle
FAB 3.26 A partially open-sided third floor teaching room, with glass walls on two sides. 4 triangular tables, each seating 5. 30/11/21 snub-nosed triangle
Furniture and seating layouts 30/11/21
Tools and technologies 30/11/21