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Design guides

Product lifecycles

The digital artefacts that we create all have a specified lifecycle.

They are created, edited, shared, managed, reviewed, archived, deleted or recycled.

Knowing how this works in each case is essential for blueprinting, implementing and operating.

These pages provide an overview. For more information, see the Academic Technology Guides.


A container for information about a module (or similar), with links to resources, and online activities. In Moodle-speak this is called a "course".


A comprehensive online and mobile collaboration platform with full MS Office integration, video conferencing, messaging, project management and much more.


A simple, quick, visual way to collaboratively collect ideas and resources from a group of people onto a virtual pin board.


Live polling, Q&A and surveys. On campus, in Teams, or both. Ask a question, students respond on their computers or phones.


A system for recording and streaming lectures, built into lecture theatres, but also for use on home computers.

Microsoft Stream

A system for recording meetings, with screen capture and automatic transcription.


Some hints on using and managing systems that are not supported by our IT teams.

Campus Learning Spaces

Guidance and resources to help you to design your use of campus learning spaces, including informal and flexible learning spaces.


Teaching in a physical learning space and online at the same time.


Online collaborative whiteboard with extensive set of templates and multimedia.