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Tools and technologies in the FAB

All rooms include a fixed location PC, and the ability to connect a laptop via HDMI or VGA. HDMI will give much higher resolution, so is recommended. Note that most recent Mac laptops (and all M1 Macs) require a USBC/Thunderbolt adapter to connect via HDMI. Solstice (see below) can be used for a wireless connection.

Many of the rooms include Solstice wireless casting, allowing staff and students to display the screens and media from their own devices (computer, tablet, phone) on the main screen. This is switched on using the control panel on the lectern. Solstice is convenient, allowing the teacher to sit wherever they want, or move around the room (great with an iPad). Resolution seems a bit lower than when using HDMI.

The larger rooms include the Echo 360 system for recording presentations.

Some rooms include a document visualiser. Use this, for example, to show pages from printed books, or to share handwritten student work with the whole class.

The fixed PCs have touch screen monitors.

We do not have specialist equipment for hybrid teaching (unlike the Oculus).

Most rooms do not have a whiteboard.