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FAB 1.63

Media Symposium Space

Key characteristics

The space is semi-enclosed, due to its location behind the main staircase.

The touch screen is great, but takes a bit if practice.

It's possible to stand just outside the room and watch. Also possible to watch from the floor above. This could be a good location for a camera.

Suggestions for teaching in this room

No suggestions added yet

Issues to be aware of

May be noisy as in an open space. Could cause sound disruption to other nearby spaces.


Managed by the Arts Faculty Office.
Check availability using this calendar.


Floor plan showing the location

Click the image to enlarge.

From the ground floor main entrance, go up the stairs on the left of the Agora to the Mezzanine, then the next flight of stairs to the First Floor. At the top of the stairs turn left, and the Media Symposium Space is immediately on your right.


Wall-sized high definition touch screen, connected to a standard managed PC.
20 x stackable chairs.
Power sockets in the floor.

Wall-mounted speakers.

No equipment for hybrid teaching or recording sessions.