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Sandbox Space

Introduction to the Digital Arts Lab sandbox

In the Arts Faculty we have an active programme of events, and access to hardware and software, providing opportuniities to try out technologies and techniques. That includes widely used tools such as Moodle, as well as innovations such as VR. If you have an idea for an event or something you would like to try out, please contact us through this Teams channel.


Available now

Exploring Miro for collaborative design - A walk-through of the Miro online collaborative whiteboard system, considering its use in designing, as well as using templates to structure educational workshops.

Getting Started with Miro - 20 minute video introduction.

Wordpress and web publishing - The world's favourite blog and web site tool, many students want to get experience in using Wordpress. In this video we explore Wordpress with a group of students.

VR and AR in HE reading list.

360 degree images of the new Arts building taken with a Ricoh Theta Z1.

Coming soon

Reviews by Warwick students from the Summer 2021 Learning Design Challenge team.


Available now

VR Club - experience virtual and augmented reality, learn about useful apps, meet with people from the Faculty and the creative arts. This will be based in the Symposium space in the new FAB. We will have an Oculus Rift S, a set of Oculus Quest and Quest 2, and a set of Oculus Go, as well as a touchscreen display wall. Join us in Teams for news and discussions.

Coming soon

Arts Faculty Moodle Sandbox space - our Moodle play area and showcase.

Live technology walk-throughs and Q&A with an expert.

Arts Faculty Moodle design challenge - we're getting together to design more appropriate templates for the pedagogic strategies that are actually used in the Arts Faculty. Staff and students will work together on this project.

Pedagogic film making masterclass.