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Inspiration Space

Get inspiration from the Digital Arts Lab

Get inspired by real examples that address your learning design challenges and ambitions. We recommend beginning by considering alternative pedagogic strategies. You might find one that fits better with what you hope to achieve. For example, there are different srategies suited to the different locations in which learning takes place (online, on-campus, blended, workbased, global etc.).


Available now

The new Faculty of Art building: gallery of images, and 360 degree immersive images taken at the start of July 2021.

Consider alternative pedagogic strategies - use this resource to learn about widely used pedagogic strategies, and consider if you should try a different approach. Includes a reading list of research publications.

How we teach... reflective accounts of curriculum-wide teaching approaches from the Arts Faculty.

Easy digital enhancements that teachers can do now.

Digital Pedagogy LibraryLink opens in a new window - real examples of effective practice from the Arts Faculty, collected by our students:

Arts Digital Pedagogy Library

Digital Arts Lab ShowcaseLink opens in a new window - an annual collection of examples of student work illustrating exciting approaches to assessment.

Extended Classroom RecipesLink opens in a new window -100+ ideas for using technology to address common learning design challenges:

Warwick Wellbeing Pedagogies LibraryLink opens in a new window - lesson ideas for student-centred environments, intercultural and international integration, emotional intelligence, staff and student wellbeing.

Choosing assessment methodsLink opens in a new window - suggestions to match methods with intended learning outcomes, from the ADC.

Coming soon


Share an example through the Digital Pedagogy LibraryLink opens in a new window.

Extended Classroom ForumLink opens in a new window - each term practitioners showcase their work in a series of lightning demos (Teams meeting).