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Jo Kukuczka

Academic Development Centre, University of Warwick

Jo Kukuczka

Assistant Professor


Programme Lead | Postgraduate Award in Curriculum Development in Higher Education (PGA CDHE) | Warwick

Curriculum Lead | Learning Design Consultancy Unit (LDCU) Curriculum Strand | Warwick

Co-convenor | Theory into Practice (TiP) network | global



Twitter: jo_kukuczkaLink opens in a new window

LinkedIn: jo_kukuczka

ResearchGate:Jo KukuczkaLink opens in a new window

Office: Academic Development Centre (ADCLink opens in a new window) | Senate House |University of WarwickLink opens in a new window| Coventry | CV4 8UW |Find us on the interactive mapLink opens in a new window

About me

I am an Educational Development and English for Academic Purposes (EAP) professional. I am a Senior Fellow ofAdvance HELink opens in a new window, Advance HE mentor and assessor, Fellow of WIELink opens in a new window, BALEAPLink opens in a new window, BALEAP mentor, Member of BERALink opens in a new window, Associate Member of LCT Centre for Knowledge-BuildingLink opens in a new window, an academic journal peer reviewer, external examiner, and PhD student. My expertise includes HE curriculum development (design and evaluation), curriculum for change/sustainability, theory and research informed pedagogy, HE teacher education, and teaching EAP.

I am passionate about inclusive teaching and learning in HE, research (incl. practitioner research and scholarship), and sharing knowledge on curriculum development, education for sustainability (EfS)/sustainable development (ESD) (incl. social change, equality, equity, diversity, and inclusion, social justice, etc.), and the union of theory and practice in HE teaching and research. Prior to teaching curriculum design to academics, I had been designing and evaluating FE and HE curricula since 2013. My doctoral research investigates the social impact of a HE curriculum for change.

Prior to joining ADC in September 2022, I had worked as a lecturer, senior lecturer, subject lead, and educational developer in various FE and HE institutions in the UK. At ADC, I focus on curriculum development initiatives, lead on PGA Curriculum Development in Higher EducationLink opens in a new window, and contribute to the wider work of the ADC team, leading workshops as part of Cultivate and LDCU, and teaching on APP TELink opens in a new window. I am a mentor and assessor on the APP EXP (Advance HE Fellowship) programmes and act as an assessor on all the ADC taught programmes. Beyond ADC, I support University-wide initiatives such as Institutional Teaching and Learning Review (ITLR), Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence (WATE), Warwick Education Conference, and Warwick International Higher Education Academy (WIHEALink opens in a new window). I have also recently become a Fellow of Warwick Institute of Engagement (WIE) and a member of Warwick Education for Sustainable Development (EDS) Network. Beyond Warwick, I engage with the Global LCT Centre for Knowledge BuildingLink opens in a new window, Advance HE, QAA, BALEAPLink opens in a new window, BERALink opens in a new window, and co-convene Theory into Practice (TiPLink opens in a new window) academic network. Most recently, I have begun exploring ways in which I could support educators outside of the University as part of my public engagement commitment.