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WATE Shortlist 2022

Congratulations to all shortlisted nominees

We are excited to announce the 2022 shortlist for the Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence.

With more than 115 excellent educators, teams, and communities to choose from, the WATE judging panels deliberated long and hard to identify those going through to the next round of the Faculty, Collaborative, Community & Culture and Postgraduates who teach awards.

Thank you to the hundreds of people who took the time to make a nomination, and huge congratulations to everyone nominated for an award.

The winners will be announced on 27 June 2022.

Faculty awards

the shortlist

Arts Faculty award

David Coates (Theatre and Performance Studies)

Roxanne Douglas (English and Comparative Literary Studies)

Zhiyan Guo (School of Modern Languages and Cultures)

Stacey McDowell (English and Comparative Literary Studies)

Consuelo Martino (Classics and Ancient History)

William Rupp (Liberal Arts)

Rochelle Sibley (English and Comparative Literary Studies)

the shortlist

Social Sciences Faculty award

Jane Bryan (School of Law)

Cheryl Cane (Education Studies)

Juan Lopez Cotarelo (WBS)

Adina Covaci (Philosophy)

Cath Lambert (Sociology)

Kirk Surgener (Philosophy)

image of network
the shortlist

SEM Faculty award

Sotaro Kita (Psychology)

Celine Martin (WMG)

Michael Mortenson (WMG)

Massimiliano Tamborrino (Statistics)

Katrine Wallis (Life Sciences)

the shortlist

Collaborative award

Community Values Education Programme

MSc eBusiness Management team

Warwick Postgraduate Teaching Community (PTC)

Tackling Racial Inequality at Warwick

GTAs in Applied Linguistics

WMS MbChb Phase 1 Clinical Skills Team.

the shortlist

Community & Culture award

Education Studies

Department of Film and Television Studies

The language teams, School of Modern Languages and Cultures.
the shortlist

WAPTE award

Postgraduates who teach award

the shortlist


Francesca Farnell (History)

Ian Farnell (Theatre and Performance Studies)

Fiona Farnsworth (English)

Ronan Hatfull (Theatre and Performance Studies)

Andrea Lawrence (English)

the shortlist

Social Sciences

Diogo Carneiro (Philosophy)

Cherisse Francis (Law)

William Gildea (Philosophy)

Giulia Lorenzi (Philosophy)

Marianna Slutskaya (Applied Linguistics)

Alex Underwood (Philosophy)

the shortlist


Sam Coy (Computer Science)

Alex Dixon (Computer Science)

Joseph Dunford (WMS)

Abi Graham (Physics)

Niamh Harrington (Life Sciences)

Matthew Nicholson (Physics)

the shortlist

Cross Faculty

Nick Cherryman (Sociology)

Zoi Ioannidou (Life Sciences)