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WATE Collaborative Awards

About the Collaborative Awards

The collaborative awards are presented to teams comprising of between 3 and 15 key members. Teams can be composed of colleagues from academic departments, professional services, and/or students.

We welcome nominations from students and staff.


Winning team: £5000

Highly commended team: £4000

Commended team: £3000

Nominations for the 2024 Awards are now closed.

icon of finger pressing star with person in it denoting nomination

Criterion 1: excellence in the impact of collaborative working.

The work of the team creates teaching excellence and has a positive impact upon student learning and the learning experience. The work of the team creates education which:

  • has impact on student learning specific to context;
  • supports the academic, social, emotional, and ethical aspects of learning;
  • engages students as partners in teaching, learning and assessment.

This will be evaluated in terms of its value, reach and impact.

Criterion 2: excellence in the team's collaborative approach.

There is evidence of excellence in the team's approach to working collaboratively, commensurate with their context and the opportunities afforded by it. This might include:

  • efficient, effective, and inclusive processes and practices developed as at team;
  • shared vision and values;
  • an environment of mutual trust and support;
  • integration of diverse experience and perspectives;
  • equality of participation;
  • ideas and solutions are generated as a group rather than shared with the group;
  • the team empowers all its members to produce their best work;
  • shared and appropriate leadership;
  • flexible, adaptable, and creative, able to respond to unforeseen situations and events;
  • embeds relevant evaluative processes and practices.