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Evidencing excellence

About the Stage Two nominee statement

Each nomination for Faculty, Postgraduate, Collaborative, Community & Culture award will be evaluated against the relevant criteria. Shortlisted nominees will then be invited to submit a statement of practice which will be evaluated by the Stage Two judging panel. This part of the process will be looking for evidence that practice is:

  • reflective;
  • evidence-informed;
  • has ongoing impact.

All three elements are fundamental to teaching excellence and the development of expert practitioners. They are introduced at stage two because although crucial components of excellence, they are not always visible from the ‘outside’ by those who experience excellent teaching.


The statement of practice can be submitted as a written document, or recorded using audio or video.

Indicative length
Faculty 2000
Collaborative 2000
Community & Culture 2000
Postgraduates who teach 1000

Recordings should be approximately 15 minutes long, and you should include a transcript (for accessibility purposes).

The statement must be signed by the Head of Department or equivalent prior to submission.



Ongoing impact