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Curriculum Review Framework

(Lead TBC)

Currently led by Jennie Mills, this Learning Circle explores the concept of developing a Curriculum Review Framework.

The group can engage in discussion and explore the development of a framework, share existing practice, as well as explore how to engage students so that they play an integral part in curriculum review.

Anticipated outcomes from the Circle include a greater institutional awareness of the curriculum review framework development, active contribution from staff and students to shape the concept of curriculum review framework, and the implementation and evaluation of a pilot of the framework.

Please help us make a positive difference and come and join us in this exciting opportunity! We hope that this Learning Circle will inform the content and structure of the curriculum review framework and define the support required for academic departments to undertake a curriculum review.

If you are interested in joining this new learning circle, please contact Jennie Mills (ADC) 

If you wish to join this new learning circle, please complete the expression of interest form.