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International Study Group

Typically, higher education collaborations between countries focus on student mobility, joint programme delivery or Transnational Educational Provision (such as setting up a satellite campus). Relatively limited activity has taken place in the domain of scholarly exploration of academic practices (learning, teaching and the student experience). WIHEA aims to build on already established educational collaborations and work with international partners to instead focus on understanding and evaluating academic practices, to develop genuinely intercultural learning for future student cohorts and inform future international learning and teaching strategies.

Currently, WIHEA Fellows Alyson Quinn and Dr David Davies are working with the Academy Director on leading the early stages of developing a productive colloquium with university delegates from China and India to explore practices around given topics of pedagogical interest such as assessment and feedback, group working, technology enhanced learning, student support principles. Ultimately, the intention is both to maintain the integrity of each educational culture, whilst looking for new forms of learning and teaching that are informed by joint perspectives. Short publishable works that can aid understanding and future collaboration across different educational cultures are planned.

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Current members of this circle:

  • Alyson Quinn (Lead)
  • David Davies (Lead)
  • Gwen Van der Velden