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Lecture Capture

This Learning Circle is now closed.

Led by Chih-Hsiang Lo (Student Union), Tom Ritchie (Chemistry), and Jessica Humphreys (ADC), this Learning Circle provided recommendations to inform policy and guidance on the use of Lecture Capture at Warwick.

Within these recommendations, the group:

  • Successfully collated student feedback on lecture capture
  • Defined lecture capture and its potential future use at Warwick
  • Benchmarked Warwick's approaches against other universities' lecture capture policies
  • Initiated discussions of lecture capture within and across faculties at Warwick
  • Made recommendations on its use in relation to student experience (accessibility/reasonable adjustments, consistency, and flexibility) and staff experience (opt-in/opt-out, UCU, low attendance/delayed engagement)

At the end of the Learning Circle, the members produced the following report with recommendations to inform policy and guidance on Lecture Capture at Warwick:

Members of the Circle included:
  • Abi Ball
  • Jane Bryan
  • Chih-Hsiang Lo (Co-lead)
  • Richard Clay
  • Emily Hargreaves
  • Damien Homer
  • Jessica Humphreys (Co-lead)
  • Martyn Parker
  • Tom Ritchie (Co-lead)
  • Claire Rocks
  • David Bather Woods