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Co produced Neurodiversity Staff Training at Warwick

Neurodiversity Training, in collaboration with SU and the Dean of Students.

dates coming soon!! Contact if you would like to arrange a session - Warwick university only.


The LC is working with the Students' Union and the Dean of Students to develop and deliver neurodiversity training to staff and students. This training will help raise awareness of neurodiversity and improve understanding of how to support neurodivergent people. We have just been awarded funding to pay neurodivergent students to design and deliver CPD courses. We are proud that our work has strengthened relationships with Autism@Warwick, SU officers, and the university. We are already working with SU, DoS, and Wellbeing to co-create and deliver the courses below.

1. Neurodiversity and HE: Practice and Policy

2. Creating a neuro-inclusive curriculum (UDL)

3 . Creating neuro-inclusive classroom practises

4. Neurodiversity and the student experiences

5. Leading transformational change through partnership (pedagogical research and initiatives)

6. PGR experiences with doctoral college and optional training


** The wellbeing team covers neurodiversity and wellbeing, but we have integrated this theme into the courses.