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Student Voice

(This Learning Circle is currently on hold)

This was a group for Fellows who are interested in student voice in the development of the educational experience in higher education. The Learning Circle provided a space for those interested in research and practice in this area to:

  • Share practice
  • Engage with the existing literature
  • Identify and develop areas for research
  • Promote writing in this area
Meeting Updates

We had two meetings. The first was an opportunity to share our different perspectives, influences and practices relating to student voice and agency to form the basis of discussions at future meetings.

At our second meeting, we were joined by Dr Emma Heron and Jessica Whitby from Sheffield Hallam University, who shared their work on the Listening Rooms project, a qualitative approach to understanding student experiences in higher education.

Members of this Circle:

  • Rebecca Freeman (former Lead)
  • Dan Derricott
  • Gwen Van der Velden
  • Larissa Kennedy
  • Bo Kelestyn
  • Margaret Low
  • Kate Courage
  • Elena Riva
  • Paul Prescott
  • Kathryn Wood
  • David Lees