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Exploratory Pedagogic Inquiry – Learning together from difficult circumstances

*** Postponed *** New date to follow soon

This workshop, open to all WIHEA Fellows and Alumni, offers a practical introduction to Exploratory Pedagogic Inquiry (EPI). EPI is a collaborative approach that HE teaching staff with multiple demands on their time can adopt to engage in inquiry into teaching and learning, benefitting their own well-being as well as student experience. The workshop draws on recent activities of the WIHEA Pedagogic Research in Higher Education Learning Circle, where the approach has been developed, and provides a ‘taster’ for a longer version of the EPI process.  

The starting-point for the workshop will be important achievements and challenges in our recent professional experience. Through guided discussion in break-out rooms, we will explore the issues which most concern us and identify areas of uncertainty as a basis for developing research questions, enabling the issues we face to be perceived in a new way. 

Who is this event aimed at?   

The event is aimed at WIHEA Fellows and Alumni with an interest in knowing more about practitioner inquiry and further opportunities in this area. The workshop requires no prior experience of pedagogic research.


Miriam Gifford (Life Sciences)

Cathy Hampton (Modern Languages and Cultures)

John Kirkman (Academic Development Centre)

Debbi Marais (Warwick Medical School)

Sandra Pereira (Warwick Business School)

Richard Smith (Applied Linguistics)

Elke Thönnes (Statistics):

Leticia Villamediana Gonzalez (Modern Languages and Cultures)

For more information about this event, please contact Dr John Kirkman ( or Dr Richard Smith (