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WIHEA Seminar: One size doesn't fit all - learning beyond the labels

Higher education is changing. Increasingly, there is a focus on growing class sizes, while at the same time, there is a need to teach diverse students in a way that is inclusive and accounts for their different needs. In this session, we reflected on different approaches to individual differences in the university classroom. Julie outlined her own research into the hotly debated concept of learning styles, and then moved on to consider different psychological approaches to understanding difference and implications for teaching practice.

Dr Julie Hulme is a ReadDr Julie Hulmeer in Psychology at Keele University, and a National Teaching Fellow. In her research, she applies psychology to learning, teaching and assessment; she is frequently cited on the topic of learning styles (of which she is critical), and also interested in student transitions and teacher innovations. She started her academic journey as a mature student, which helped her to recognise the importance of skills and confidence for successful university study. As a teacher, her early experiences have shaped her values, and she strives to create engaging learning opportunities which help all students to achieve their highest aspirations. Julie ensures that she uses inclusive and interactive approaches to learning and teaching, taking into account individual differences in student learning.

You can find out more about Julie's work here: and follow her on Twitter @JulieH_Psyc.