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Dr Bo Kelestyn

Dr Bo Kelestyn

Dr Bo (Bozhena) Kelestyn (she/her) works as an Associate Professor, Course Director for the MSc in Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation, and the Undergraduate Student Engagement Lead with a remit in community and belonging at the Warwick Business School (WBS).


Prior to this role, Bo worked in multiple Departments at Warwick, including leading on the early embedding of the Education Strategy across all 35 academic Departments, and becoming the youngest Director of Student Experience at Warwick. As a design thinking academic and practitioner, Bo has designed and led several interdisciplinary modules on design thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and leads on The Guardian Masterclass on design thinking. Bo is the creator of the Warwick Secret Challenge, a problem-solving workshop with elements of design thinking, which has become a key methodology to tackle innovation challenges at Warwick through authentic student-staff co-creation. Bo hosts the Student Experience by Design podcast to champion the use of design thinking in Higher Education.


Dr Kelestyn holds several awards for her contributions to teaching & learning at Warwick. Bo was the first ever student to have received the Fellowship of the Warwick International Higher Education Academy, one of the youngest at Warwick to hold the Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, and only one of three at Warwick to hold the Fellowship of Enterprise Educators UK.


Bo defended her doctoral thesis at the age of 28, making her one of the youngest PhDs in Ukraine. Bo was educated at the University of Warwick (PhD, MSc, PGA, PGA) and the University of Durham (BA). Prior to moving to the UK in 2007, Bo finished the state Lyceum No 1 in Rohatyn, Ivano-Frankivsk region (formerly Rohatyn School No 1).