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Restorative Justice in Higher Education Mapping Survey

The Mapping Restorative Justice and Practice in Higher Education Institutions is available here. There is more information about the survey below.

Study Title:

Mapping Restorative Justice and Practices in Higher Education


Dr Jane Bryan (UoW)

Dr Amanda Wilson (UoW)

Dr Rosie Chadwick (The Mint House, Oxford)


This study is designed to understand:

  • how familiar higher education institutions are with restorative justice/practice
  • where restorative justice/practice is currently being used in HE institutions
  • what (if any) interest there might be in growing understanding and use of restorative justice/practice in HE settings.


Please help us with this by completing this short survey if you work or study at a Higher Education Institution. Please note that your feedback is important whatever your level of familiarity with and/or interest in restorative justice/practice.


By way of explanation, in this survey, we are using the following definitions:

Restorative justice: the process by which all those affected by wrongdoing look at the harm caused and how it can be repaired.

Restorative practice: draws on the values and techniques of restorative justice, applying these in a range of settings with the aim of building communities, preventing conflict and repairing harms where conflict has occurred.