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Education Strategy Hubs and Departmental Pages

This project will seek to support 3 of the 4 strands of the new Education Strategy by communicating the unique offering at Warwick through departmental web pages and centralised hubs, illustrating the institutional and local opportunities around Student Research, Internationalisation and Interdisciplinarity.

Warwick’s Education Strategy has been devised to reflect and build upon Warwick’s commitment to delivering a truly unique educational experience for all students. The Education Strategy comprises 4 strands - student research, internationalisation, interdisciplinarity and disciplinary excellence – which when combined, make a Warwick education unique. The formal publishing of the strategy means that staff across the university will be acting upon its strategic aims to ensure that both academic and professional staff are implementing these theories into practice across the institution.

Currently, a number of projects have already begun to address these strands including the formation of the Student Research Hub and an institutional review of student research, internationalisation and interdisciplinarity. However, progress across these 3 strands is at different stages.

Project Aims

This project seeks to develop clear and consistent information regarding 3 of the 4 strands - student research, internationalisation and interdisciplinarity - with the objective of streamlining on-going projects and preventing divergence of information shown to students. As a result of this project, student understanding of research, internationalisation and interdisciplinary opportunities will be greatly enhanced and staff understanding of the strategic importance and consequential operational considerations of each strand will also be improved.

Project Activities

The project’s aims will be achieved through the appointment of a dedicated project officer to progress work on all 3 strands.

For Student research, they will support departments to keep current departmental Student Research pages up to date and work with departments who have not yet got departmental Student Research web pages. They will also assist the Student Research Working Group to keep Student Research Hub pages up to date and to add current activities and deadlines to the hub and help the SRWG to launch a Student Research Staff Network.

For Internationalisation they will work with departments to set up departmental Internationalisation web pages and, once established, help departments to keep their pages up to date. They will also assist the development of the Internationalisation / World at Warwick Hub and Promote on the Internationalisation Hub the identification, promotion and celebration of opportunities and good practices across the University and build on the existing work of the Marketing Team and potentially explore, the development of student-focused language to communicate how students might benefit from internationalisation opportunities.

For Interdisciplinarity they will work with departments to set up departmental Interdisciplinary web pages, continue work to develop an Interdisciplinary Hub to mirror the existing Student Research hub. assist, and attend, the Interdisciplinary Learning Circle and work with other stakeholders in adding interdisciplinary activities and guidance material to the hub. They will also promote on the Interdisciplinary Hub guidance for staff on the availability of interdisciplinary learning opportunities for their students, information on departmental approval and registration processes and information on how to apply for funding to develop new interdisciplinary teaching opportunities and identify and promote on the Interdisciplinary Hub interdisciplinary learning opportunities for students.

Project Team:

Caroline Gibson
Jo Angouri
Jo Wale
Claire O’Leary