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KnowHow Project

Open Educational Practice:

#KNOWHOW - Knowledge in the open web - heutagogical open weaving

In response to WIHEA's 2016-17 open call for learning and teaching projects, this projects aimed to enable collaborative partnerships between staff and students to directly improve learning experience by using a connectivist learing approach to evaluate, curate and create resources that will enable students and staff alike to understand and access the learning opportunities available through open, connected practice.

Picture: WIHEA staff and student co-researchers meet up for coffee in the Oculus building (Kirsti Maiwald, Tracy Dix, Leticia Villamediana, Clare Halldron, Tilly Harrison, Grace Bend, Gertrud Kiss, Teresa MacKinnon).

This project reached a wide and diverse audience across campus and beyond, including; Academic Departments (SMLC, CAL, CTE), the Library, Estates, Wellbeing Support Services, Student Union, Academic Technology and Learning Development Centre. The project provided staff and students an open network to explore and share progress and the resources are now shared openly (please see below).

#KNOWHOW project poster



Teresa MacKinnon, Project LeadTeresa Mackinnon
WIHEA Foundation Fellow
SMLC Language Centre

Tilly HarrisonTIlly Harrison, Project Partner
Centre for Applied Linguistics

Robert ORobert O'Toole, Project Partner
WIHEA Fellow
Academic Technology Team

Kirsti Maiwald, Project Partner 

BSc International Business (with French) Year 2

Grace Bend, Project Partner

SMLC, Three Language Degree, Year 2