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MAP Project

The Mapping Assessment Potential (MAP) Project

The Mapping Assessment Potential Project is a resource to help educators with their assessment needs, either to rethink their current assessment methods, but also for those who are developing a new programme or module from scratch.

Browse our resources, learn from Warwick staff and researchers, and find out just what other methods are being explored in different universities.

Introduction from project lead Kate Mawson

  Kate is a Senior Teaching Fellow at the Secondary Partnership of University of Warwick's Centre for Teacher Education. As a leading voice for learning and teaching in secondary and higher education, Kate is a WATE winner and a WIHEA Foundation Fellow and is active in this role promoting Learning and Teaching across the University. Kate has 14 years teaching experience leaving secondary teaching as an Assistant Head Teacher.

Kate is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy following her research and her subsequent work on assessment within the CTE post graduate course which she teaches on.

Most recently, Kate has been invited to the editorial board of the International Journal of Innovation in Education, she publishes in the field of education and leads the Warwick University's pedagogy journal club.