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Year Abroad Questionnaire Platform

This study will involve collaboration between ITS and the SMLC to look at the possibilities for effective collection and qualitative analysis of a large and complex data set through the exploration of alternative online platforms to moodle (Perception and Qualtrics).

The project will have an impact on future year abroad students in the SMLC (a cohort of about 170 per year) by providing a much more user-friendly questionnaire than we have currently. It will also bring huge benefits for the support and academic staff who will analyse the data in the future, as the questionnaire platform will produce a much more advanced and complete set of data for each individual question set (something that is not possible within the Moodle questionnaire design when dealing with a large questionnaire). Finally, the increased granularity of survey data achieved will provide helpful feedback to ITS as they explore the possibilities afforded by different online surveying tools at Warwick.

The new questionnaire platform will also permit much easier extraction of targeted data that can be used for specific purposes. One example of this is the production of widening participation and outreach materials. Another is the production of detailed web pages for future SMLC students going abroad, housing specific and precise information passed on to us by students completing the questionnaire (names and addresses of employers / language schools / agencies; advice on residence abroad in particular countries and cities; advice on good vacation opportunities, etc). Students planning their Year Abroad find it reassuring and inspiring to read advice from former students, but without a platform that allows for question by question data analysis, it is very difficult to extract these fine details.

More information on the project's progress will follow soon.


Project Lead: Cathy Hampton
Associate Professor, SMLC


Project Partner: Michela Day
Final Year Student,
Modern Languages (French, Italian & Spanish)