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Course Design and Digital Learning Approaches

A project coordinated by the University of Warwick and the University of Brighton

About this Project

This project will explore the potential that technology can play within the course design process to create an inclusive and accessible experience for both staff and students. Building upon the experiences of support within this area from both the University of Brighton and University of Warwick, we are seeking to develop an insight into how digital tools can be used in course design.

Working in collaboration with student project officers we will carry out a research project and identify mapping of tools and how they could be utilised in the design process.

Project Aims

  • To address an increased interest in digital technologies as a curriculum design and collaborative tool, building on and developing staff digital fluencies gained as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • To demonstrate how technology in the course design process can facilitate discussion and collaboration; access, record and capture relevant information that informs the process; and can model, test and refine innovative approaches to curriculum design
  • To contribute evidence and examples of ways of organising time, space, independent and collaborative working, in blended modes of interactions and sharing examples of digital technologies that can effectively facilitate this

Project Impact

The project will further develop our understanding of the uses of technology in relation to different models of teaching and learning, from both a staff and student perspective. It will learn from the experiences of the two institutions to provide a recommendation of inclusive and accessible possibilities of technology in the course design process. Furthermore it will produce a number of resources (the project partner practice mapping, case studies of good practice, findings of disseminated survey, and further recommendations) that will be shared both in Warwick and Brighton and more broadly across the sector, informing institutions' approaches for supporting course teams engaging in curriculum design activities.

Project Team

Project Lead: Peter Fossey, ADC

Project Co-lead: Lucy Chilvers, University of Brighton

Project Co-lead: Jess Humphreys, ADC

Project Co-lead: Juliet Eve, University of Brighton

Student Collaborators: TBC