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Student-Led Curriculum Design in Joint Degrees

About the Project

Curriculum design is often owned by academic staff and student feedback relegated to module evaluations. Genuine engagement must embed student voices in all aspects of modular design. Therefore, this project seeks to develop a student-staff co-creation model for joint degree modules.

This project develops a model of student-staff co-creation of an interdisciplinary modular curriculum for joint degrees. It includes students in the development of their own joint degree programmes, thereby enhancing their student experience.

The goal is to assess students’ grasp of the module’s learning outcomes while also fostering vital employability skills. Insights generated in this pilot projects will feed into the broader strategic development of interdisciplinary joint degrees in the Social Sciences and the university as a whole.

Project Aims

  • To increase students’ felt connection to and community within their joint degrees, rather than perceiving themselves as sitting between different departments
  • To produce a core curriculum for an Honours level interdisciplinary module for the Philosophy, Politics and Economics joint degree
  • To produce a handbook for student co-creation in interdisciplinary modules for joint degrees. This handbook will reflect on student-staff collaboration considering the particular opportunities and challenges of designing truly interdisciplinary curricula for joint degrees.

Project Impact

The main legacy of the project will be a model for student co-creation in curriculum design for joint modules. The model will be of use first within the Faculty of Social Sciences, where several joint degrees are based.

The project will result in a core curriculum for an Honours level interdisciplinary module for the PPE joint degree. To achieve this legacy, various resources will be developed that enable the outcomes of the project to be embedded and sustained in the university and their broader dissemination. Following the end of the project, project leads will create a guideline document on student involvement in curriculum design specifically for joint degrees.

This project also feeds into IATL strategic priorities through interdisciplinary student research that could be published in Reinvention or presented at ICUR. Collaborations with IFSTAL could also be explored.

Project Lead

Benjamin Ferguson


Project Co-Lead

Laura Gelhaus



  • Cecilia Ilori
  • Aaron Smith
  • Mahek Vhora
  • Themis Christopoulos
  • Lucas Huan
  • Vivek Venkatram
  • Eric Sun