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Warwick Sustainability Challenge (WSUsC)


About this Project

Building on the success of the WIHEA funded “Warwick Sustainability Challenge (WSUsC): a Curriculum-Campus-Community approach to sustainable teaching and learning”, this project is seeking for continuation and dissemination funding support.

The University of Warwick is on a sustainability journey. This project will therefore contribute to further raising the reputation of Warwick as a leading institution to promote climate education and further enhance best practices to transition to net zero. Aligned with our inclusive education plans, offering payment to Student Officers and Coaches will keep this opportunity open to diverse students.

Project Aims

The main objective of this project is to keep the WSUsC alive and to continue raising the reputation of Warwick as a leading institution to enhance best practices to transition to net zero, as well as a thought leader in the application of design thinking.

Project Impact

The project has already created an opportunity to facilitate connections with external stakeholders (e.g., Coventry City Council) and created a model useful to develop and implement low-cost viable solutions to environmental problems - e.g., via the Warwick Sustainability Challenge: Waste. We are planning to use this model as an example of best practice to be shared more widely and at national level. We also hope to consolidate future iterations of the WSUsC with the involved external/internal parties. The project will finally source additional data for existing projects (e.g., ‘Understanding the impact of the Warwick Secret Challenge (WSC)’, and Warwick Sustainability Challenge) aimed at understanding the impact of the WSC on student engagement and agency in decision-making and innovation structures.

Project Team

Project Lead

Dr Lory Barile


Project Co-Lead

Dr Bo Kelestyn



  • Nikita Asnani, Alumnae
  • Todd Olive, Alumni
  • Jess Humphreys, WIHEA/ADC
  • David Chapman, Estates
  • Evelin Sanderson-Nichols, Alumnae