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Four Projects Awarded Funding

WIHEA are pleased to announce that four projects with great potential have been awarded funding so far this academic year. They are detailed below:

Integrating Research Skills into Language Learning – A Case Study of Culture Component in the Language Centre for SMLC Finalists
Zhiyan Guo (SMLC)

The project aims to engage students in the newly designed section of the final year culture hour assessment and evaluation, through integrating research skills into language learning, in order to provide guidance on how to improve culture components of the language modules, and to explore the possibility to innovate the design of modules in SMLC.

BAME Student Experiences & Learning in Professional Development Programmes
Gill Frigerio (CLL)

This action research project will explore the attainment and experience gaps for BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) students in three areas of professional education within the University, consider these in relation to issues of race in the subject content and professional context and generate ideas for future action and exploration.

Reviewing Student Mentoring Pastoral Schemes
David Lees (SMLC) & Karen Simecek (Philosophy)

A project focuses on improving existing student mentoring pastoral schemes in departments and producing a model of guidance, training and support for student pastoral mentoring schemes at Warwick.

Online Resource Library of Wellbeing Pedagogies
Elena Riva (IATL)

This project proposes to create an online resource library that will enable Warwick learning and teaching community to discover helpful activities, teaching practices, and approaches to bring conditions for improving the wellbeing of students and staff in the learning and teaching environment.

We are still considering project proposals for projects where funding can be spent prior to 31July 2020. Please visit our Project web pages for more information.