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PGR Supercamp PhD Workshop.


09:30-12:30 PhD Workshop. External guest: Emiliano Treré.

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PhD workshop presenters:

-Natalie Rothwell, PhD Urban Science. Second Year 

Working title thesis: The mainstreaming of gender in housing indicators focused on the Global South: gaps, best practice, and next steps.  

Presents: ‘data landscaping’ of which housing indicators exist and to what extent they mainstream gender.  


-Gijs van Maanen, Visiting student. Tilburg University  

Working title thesis: Open data in the Netherlands: a philosophical praxiography 

Presents: chapter 6 ‘methodological intermezzo’ 


-Wenhao Bi. Third Year 

Working title thesis. Punctuating political moments from everyday digital connectivity: A case study of a WeChat group 

Presents: Second case chapter focuses on a group in the one-stop mega-platform WeChat. It would be helpful to discuss the manuscript of this WeChat chapter which is almost in its halfway and is likely to have 7,000 words in total. 


-Han Wen, PhD CIM. Third Year 

Working title thesis: From farms to chopsticks

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