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PGT Email Lists

PGT Email lists

Post graduate teaching emails are collected together in two places.

  • The cimasters email list
  • Email lists on the staff insite

The email lists contain all the emails from the current postgraduate students. Emails of previous students will be archived for a period (see routine below).



Emails sent to are processed by the email server. The actions the server takes depend on the permissions assigned to the sending email address. Emails sent from authorised email addresses are sent on to the students with [cimasters] in the subject. Emails from unauthorised email addresses will be held by the server until approved by the administrator.


The current archive list is The list is on the same system as the cimasters email list and the use is the same.

insite staff list

Email strings for both Outlook and the Apple Mac email programs can be found at The strings should be copied into a new email.

Edit Access


The web interface for the server is

The current password is franker4"haircut


The web interface for the server is

The current password is 8BladeRunner8

insite staff list

The email list webpage can be edited by usign the raw editor in sitebuilder. In the HTML are text areas which contain the email addresses. You can add or remove email addresses so they following the below code structure (where is a student email address).

<strong>CIM Teaching Staff</strong>
<br />
<i>Windows:</i><br />
<textarea readonly="readonly" cols="50">;</textarea>
<br />
<br />
<textarea readonly="readonly" cols="50">,</textarea></p>


The routine for maintaining the email lists is the same for the both the email server and the email list found in the insite.


Changes to the cimasters list can be made by going to admin interface (above link). Memberships is changed using this interface.

Ad-hoc changes to the list membership should be emailed to If you make a manual change then please email this address so there is a record of it.


These periods are on the Academic Technologist outlook group calendar.