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Proposal Form- Dieter iOS Store Crawler

Proposal form

Last updated: 18th July 2018


Project name

iOS Web Store Crawler

Date started

18th July 2018


Create a flask application which can take a series of iOS web store URLs and then crawl the recomendation network.

Terms (variables)

Query Recomendation

  • Write Python code which can crawl the iOS web store
  • Deploy the code on a Jupyter notebook for demo purposes
  • Write a flask front end to the script for general use. App will be widely used in by students and staff of other institutions.

  1. Python functions to crawl the iOS app store within a week of the proposal
  2. A jupyter notebook example within two weeks
  3. Write front end using the flask framework
  4. Host on the ITS instance which is currently running flask




Python - Flask, base libraries HTML, CSS + JS


Text entry - URLs from the iOS app store
Depth parameter - The crawler depth data


CSV file - table containing the seed, depth, recomendation title, recomendation category, recomendation link
gdf file - network of the apps and recomendations