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Python Workshop

Python Workshop

Welcome to the Python workshop! No previous programming experience is assumed and questions are encouraged. Python is a general programming language that can be used as a tool for processing data and creating visualisations. The aim of this workshop is to introduce Python and provide a fundamental understanding which will be useful if you use it during your dissertation.

This Workshop expects no prior knowledge of programming and is split into 4 parts:

1. Jupyter Notebooks

2. Basic Programming in Python

3. Basic Use of the Pandas library

4. Simple Visualisation using Seaborn

Workshop Requirements

You must install Anaconda or the relevant packages via Python, if you do not use Anaconda.

Install Anaconda

Please download the Python 3 Anaconda installerLink opens in a new window.

Images of the Anaconda links

Select the installer for your machine

When Anaconda has been downloaded, please install it.

Image of the Anaconda installer on an OSX machine

Follow the Instructions

The Python packages that are required are Jupyter, Pandas and Bokeh. These come with Anaconda.

Result of the test commands on OSX

Result of the test commands on OSX

Jupyter can be tested by typing in the following command into the terminal.

which jupyter

This should provide a location for Jupyter. If this is empty, then Jupyter will need to be installed.

The Python modules can be tested using:

python3 -c "import pandas as pd; import bokeh; print(pd.__version__); print(bokeh.__version__)"

The Pandas version should be around 1.3.2 and Bokeh is 2.3.3. If you do not see these or higher numbers, then you will need to install the packages using the terminal. On a Mac, the terminal can be found by typing "terminal" into the spotlight function and selecting terminal from the options.

These can be installed on the command line. If you are using Anaconda, type:

conda install seaborn

If you are installing through your own Python3 installation, you can use:

pip3 install jupyter pandas bokeh seaborn

Please install these before the workshop begins.

If you have any issues with these requirements, please email