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Tuur Driesser

Supervisor/s: Professor Celia Lury & Professor Stuart Elden (PAIS)


2012: MA in Critical and Creative Analysis, Goldsmiths, University of London.

2011: BA in Social Sciences with a minor in Latin American Studies, University College Roosevelt (Utrecht University), NL.


My research focuses on the role of maps as part of Professor Celia Lury's project: Order and Continuity, Methods of change in a topological society.

I am interested in the field of urban informatics and smart cities and the way in which different forms of data are used to create new maps and visualisations of the city. In particular I look at the part these play in governing cities in relation to debates around efficiency and resilience.

This project will further explore the changing role of maps and visualisations within cities, as well as the extent to which these work to relate cities to wider global city networks. Specific research interests include the relation between the technological and the political, the transformation and continuity of how knowledge is validated, and the production of space and time.

Tuur Driesser


Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies
University of Warwick

Email: t dot driesser at warwick dot ac dot uk