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The Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies (CIM) is a new cutting-edge research centre. We foster innovative and experimental forms of knowledge through a focus on methods and methodology and we are dedicated to expanding the role of interdisciplinary research.

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Not many problems fit neatly into a single theoretical or methodological approach. Our unique interdisciplinary environment prepares you to respond creatively and critically to the rapidly evolving challenges of a world transformed by digital processes.

CIM’s postgraduate degrees open the doors to a variety of emerging career paths by equipping you with a suite of skills and knowledge across data analysis and digital media. You'll gain a toolbox of key research techniques and concepts to answer key questions and challenges like:

  • How can we use digital data to understand and shape smart cities?
  • What is the best way to study and understand a major event on social media?
  • How are user interfaces designed to influence behavior?
  • What can we learn from new mapping techniques using smartphones?
  • Why is play so important for digital culture?
  • How do we create and critique data visualisations?

CIM offers a small, friendly and focused experience. You'll have direct and regular access to staff and our weekly drop-in computer lab sessions, giving you the opportunities to develop and strengthen your practical skills. You will also develop leadership and team-building skills working together on group projects and tasks. Courses can be tailored to individual research interests through a range of optional modules.



Urban Informatics and Analytics

Digital Media and Culture

Big Data and Digital Futures

MPhil/PhD programmes


Masters' enquiries:

Dr Nerea Calvillo: n dot calvillo at warwick dot ac dot uk

PhD enquires:

Dr Nathaniel Tkacz: N dot Tkacz at warwick dot ac dot uk