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2009/2010 EPSRC Symposium on the Mathematics of Complexity Science and Systems Biology

Organisers: Robert MacKay and David Wild

Aim: to advance the mathematics of complexity science and systems biology. This includes developing applications of mathematics to these areas and stimulating the development of new mathematics in response to the challenges they pose.

Introduction: Complexity science is the study of systems with many interdependent components. Its remit spans a wide range of areas, from physical and technological to biological and social systems. One large and important such area is Systems Biology, the study of living organisms from the point of view of systems rather than individual components; we shall give it particular attention. We believe that these subjects depend heavily on Mathematics for their healthy development and that conversely they provide rich sources of stimulation for new Mathematics.

An intensive year of research workshop and visitor activity during the academic year 09/10, to summarise the state of play, identify and address the main challenges and develop key ideas in a range of topics in these areas, with some follow-up activities in 10/11.

Workshops and Conference (and related activities)